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Fall Makeup Trends: How to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Fall fashion is one of the biggest fashion seasons of the year. With things like big sweaters, skinny jeans, and low-rise booties hitting the scene, women everywhere are wondering what makeup trends they should try to make their eyes pop just as much as their wardrobe. From metallic eyeshadow to dramatic brows, this article will […]

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4 Ways to Prevent Vision Problems

You know to wear your sunglasses when you go outside and to get yearly eye examinations, but there are a few other things that you can do to prevent vision diseases and problems. From quitting smoking to managing your diabetes, this article will discuss a few of the unknown ways that you can see clearer […]

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Headaches and Your Vision

Whether you have a chronic migraine or just a headache that is making your forehead throb, you know just how debilitating they can be. And although most headaches will go away with some Ibuprofen and a nap, some are indicative of an underlying issue like an eye problem. From astigmatism to presbyopia, this article will […]

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