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3 Reasons to Have Your Child’s Strabismus Treated

Strabismus, or the crossing of the eyes, is a pediatric eye condition that could happen to anyone at an early stage in life. When it happens to a child, his or her vision can be affected. Although it would not cause any disturbance to the child’s health, there are many ways that strabismus can affect the child’s quality of life.

Be there for your kid. Have his or her strabismus treated! Your child’s treatment could be in the form of nonsurgical interventions like eyeglasses, patching, and eye exercises. However, in some cases, these interventions are not enough. This is where surgery comes in.

Consider these top three reasons to get strabismus treated.

  1. Improving vision. Strabismus in a child could lead to amblyopia, in which the child’s vision is decreased due to the suppression of images taken by the misaligned eye. Amblyopia is often treated with glasses and patching.

  2. Aligning of the eyes. Nobody sees clearly with misaligned eyes. With good alignment comes good vision. What’s worse is that when this misalignment goes on persistently, adults who have strabismus may lose their three-dimensional perception – which is an irreversible complication.

  3. Improving binocular vision. Binocular vision is the vision where both eyes are used simultaneously. It includes depth perception and stereovision. Although these abilities are controlled by the brain, good eye alignment is needed to improve the quality of an individual’s binocular vision. Generally, the younger the child with strabismus, the more chances he or she can have bad binocularity and have it treated successfully.

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Don’t let your child suffer all the teasing and struggle of having crossed eyes. Learn more about strabismus treatment by calling us at 701-235-5200 today to schedule a consultation with qualified ophthalmologist Dr. Thom. We look forward to hearing from you!

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