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3 Things Your Blurred Vision Might Be Telling You

Do you suffer from blurred vision every time you wake up in the morning or every time you look away from your computer screen in order to focus on something else? Is your blurred vision causing more disturbances in your life than you remember before? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then you might be suffering from one of the below eye conditions. Read on to learn more.

  1. Myopia

eye problemsMyopia, or most commonly known as nearsigthedness, can cause individuals to have blurred vision. In order to try to even out this blurred vision, many patients will experiecne squinting, headaches, and eye strain. Additionally, patients will notice that when looking at things in the distance, objects are blurry and cannot come into focus. If you think you suffer from Myopia, schedule an appointment with Dr. Steve Thom in order to get an eye exam and see if you qualify for either glasses or contact lenses.

  1. Hyperopia

On the opposite end of the spectrum of Myopia is an eye condition called hyperopia, which is most commonly know as farsightedness. Hyperopia is an eye condition that allows patients to see objects that are far away but provides difficulty when looking at objects that are close up causing things like reading a book or magazine to seem impossible to do. If you are noticing that you’re having a hard time reading and seeing things up close, then you might be the perfect candidate for reading glasses.

  1. Chronic Dry Eye

Have you noticed that your blurred vision has come on quickly and unexpectedly? Do you suffer from blurred vision more in the morning, at night, or after you’ve been staring at your computer screen for a long amount of time? If that is the case, then you might be suffering from chronic dry eye. Chronic dry eye is an eye condition where your eyes don’t produce enough natural tears to keep them lubricated which in turn can cause things to become blurry. Luckily, by visiting Dr. Steve Thom and getting some prescription eye drops you can help to treat your chronic dry eye.

There are many eye conditions that contribute to blurred vision. From myopia to chronic dry eye, these are just a few of the most common contributors. To learn more about blurred vision or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Steve Thom, contact our office today!



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