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Allergies Getting Your Eyes Down? How to Relax Your Eyes

One of the trickiest things about allergies is that they can strike virtually anywhere, at any time. And during the fall when leaves are falling and the temperatures are starting to cool, allergies are fairly prevalent among individuals everywhere. If your allergies are making your eyes water, swell, and itch then you will probably do just about anything to get back to feeling like your normal self once again. To learn more about how to take care of your eyes during allergy season, read on.

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  1. Try a damp cloth
    If your allergies are causing your eyes to tear and itch, it’s because the allergens and pollens in the air are creeping their way into your eyes as well. Try giving your eyes some relieve and rinse the outside of them with a damp cloth when you wake up every morning. Because things like sleep dust or gunk can further irritate your eyes, using a damp cloth to clean them up will help you to clean them without any more irritation.
  2. Eye Drops
    To help give yourself some immediate relief, try using an eye drop designed specifically to treat allergies. If you can’t find one over the counter that seems to work, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor or allergist in order to get a prescription eye drop to help give you the relief that you need.
  3. Antihistamines
    As one of the best and most effective ways to treat all of your allergy symptoms, try taking an antihistamine. Antihistamines are over-the-counter drugs that are used to help alleviate any symptoms pertaining to allergies including itchiness, runny nose, sore throat, etc. Just make sure that you follow the recommended dosage so that you can receive the best results possible.

If you suffer from allergies and just can’t seem to catch a break, try these three tips to help give your eyes the relief they deserve. Not only will they help you to see more clearly again but you can start to feel like yourself too!

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