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Back to School Necessities

Eye Exam Fargo NDBack to School sales are everywhere, constantly reminding you that another school year is just around the corner. While you might be tempted to savor the last few weeks of summer, spending a day getting ready for another year of late night homework, test cram sessions, and new friends coming over to hang out, you might be setting yourself up for a crazy ride when school starts.

Preparing for the new school year now won’t take long. All you need to do is set aside an hour or two with your child (if they’re old enough), and take a look at what they have left over from last year. Supplementing what they have already will help your child be ready for another school year, but won’t overwhelm them with a new batch of everything. Keep your child focused on learning, and the new school year will be great. Keep reading for a quick rundown of what you can do now to prepare for a new school year.

New Clothes

Fall is a great time to buy new clothes if you child is growing out of shoes, jeans, or shirts. Also, consider buying a new coat now so you aren’t scrambling when the first cold wind starts blowing through your city. There’s no need to go overboard and refresh your child’s closet though. A new pair of sneakers to keep them running around the neighborhood with friends will be perfect.


Supplies like spiral-bound notebooks are inexpensive and will help your child keep notes together. Buy a different one for each class, and encourage your child to stay organized. Writing down assignments in the notebook where their work stays will ensure that no reminders get lost. Also, take a look at backpacks and other school supplies, taking notes of what is broken or missing so you can replace them while you’re out. Avoid buying anything not on the list so you don’t end up impulse-buying items your child won’t end up using.

An Eye Exam

As we age, our eyes change. Children especially are at risk of developing lazy eye, which can be treated fairly easily if caught early. Kids who have vision problems often don’t realize it, so their schoolwork can suffer as a result.

Scheduling a back-to-school eye exam is key to ensuring your child is prepared for a new school year. Call us today at (701) 235-5200 to schedule an eye exam for your child before the school year starts.

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