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How an ophthalmologist uses Botox injections

When patients think of Botox, fine lines and wrinkles on the face often come to mind. However, Botox is an injectable medication that has been used in many areas of medicine, not just cosmetic dermatology. Dr. Steve Thom and his team at the Thom Eye and Laser Clinic encourages patients in the Fargo, ND area […]

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Why are routine eye examinations important?

At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, patients of the Fargo, ND area have access to a quality ophthalmologist who can perform a wide range of diagnostic and treatment procedures for new and current patients. Dr. Steve Thom encourages patients to see their eye doctor regularly for routine screenings and evaluations. Eye examinations are just as […]

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Treating lazy eye (amblyopia)

Many children are diagnosed with a condition called amblyopia, more commonly known as “lazy eye.” This condition can develop in one or both eyes. It causes the images from one eye to be preferred by the brain, ignoring the images of the other. If left untreated, especially in the younger years where early vision development […]

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Understanding conjunctivitis

Did you wake up with red, itchy eyes? Do you notice buildup of dried discharge in one or both eyes that can cause the lashes to mat? Is your eye watery and bothersome? If you are dealing with these symptoms, you might be diagnosed with a condition called conjunctivitis, more commonly known as “pink eye.” […]

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