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What you can do About Dry Eyes

dry eyesWe may all struggle with the discomfort of dry eyes on occasion. If sensations such as itching, watering, or a foreign body feeling occur with regularity, you may have dry eye syndrome, a condition that can be frustrating if you don’t know that treatment is available. At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, patients from the Fargo area receive the one-on-one assistance they need to maintain eye health.

Why Treat Dry Eye

When dry eye disease is not treated, you are subjected to unnecessary discomfort and frustration. Sometimes, dry eyes can also stand in the way of visual acuity and, thus, productivity or quality of life. To protect your vision and your well-being, we conduct a thorough consultation and evaluation of your eyes. At the same time, we discuss your potential treatment options and the necessity for consistent performance of your selected protocol.

  • Artificial tears can be beneficial for dry eye symptoms that occur after a few hours of sitting in front of a computer screen or book. Many of the eye drops used for lubrication can be obtained without a prescription. However, products can differ in their formulation and consistency. For this reason, it is important to consult with your eye doctor, who can recommend a suitable product for your unique situation. While artificial tears can provide relief, this is not a permanent solution to dry eye disease.
  • Prescription eye drops do more than providing temporary lubrication; they also have an anti-inflammatory effect on ocular tissues. Furthermore, a prescription eye drop may be formulated to encourage the natural production of tears. This effect occurs after about 90 days of consistent use, so compliance is an important factor in success. Prescription drops may be combined with artificial tears.

More advanced cases of dry eye may require professional treatment, but many of our patients respond nicely to one of the two mentioned treatment options. Dr. Thom makes recommendations for treatment carefully and only after a comprehensive examination of the eyes. In so doing, he is able to increase the success rate for individual patients.

In addition to restoring proper lubrication to the eyes, you can also decrease the risk of irritation by blinking more frequently when you are performing computer work or when you are reading. Often, just closing the eyes for several seconds can promote comfort.

Don’t let dry eyes keep you from your best self. Schedule a consultation at (701) 235-5200.

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