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Can Sunglasses Protect You from Cataracts?

You may think that wearing sunglasses are only for shielding your eyes from the flashing lights of the paparazzi’s cameras. And although sunglasses are great at doing that, you likely don’t have a slew of people following you around begging to take your picture. Not only are sunglasses great at protecting your eyes from bright […]

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Let’s Talk about Intraocular Lenses

Visual clarity is important to your general sense of wellness. If you have cataracts, you have learned this. While this eye condition is typically not considered serious in terms of its potential for blindness, most people with cataracts eventually reach a point where removal becomes necessary in order to restore better vision. One of the […]

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Two Types of Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are an eye disease that causes a film to encompass your eyes and results in blurry vision— leading to an inability to do everyday tasks like read, drive, and see very easily. Typically inflicting individuals over the age of 65, cataracts can make your everyday life a bit more difficult. If you have cataracts […]

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