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What you can do About Dry Eyes

We may all struggle with the discomfort of dry eyes on occasion. If sensations such as itching, watering, or a foreign body feeling occur with regularity, you may have dry eye syndrome, a condition that can be frustrating if you don’t know that treatment is available. At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, patients from the […]

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How to Deal With Dry Eyes

Dry, itchy eyes can make you look like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Not only do dry eyes cause them to be blood shot but the constant discomfort and itchiness is enough to dry anyone virtually insane. If you deal with dry eyes, try these three remedies to help relax the eye muscles and […]

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Computer Savvy? Beware of Dry Eyes!

This generation has spawned more and more people who stare at computer screens on a daily basis. Almost every household has a computer; even most of people’s jobs require them to stare at computers. Little we do know, facing the computer more often can lead us to getting dry eyes. Luckily, this is a problem […]

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Dry Eyes: Get Them Treated Today!

Dry eyes may seem like a minor eye condition, yet it can cause serious effects to the eye when not treated properly. The eyes normally provide constant lubrication and moisture through the flow of tears to maintain proper vision and comfort. Tears are made of water, oils, mucus, antibodies, and special proteins that serve different […]

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