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How Do Eyes Age?

Watching your prescription change year after year might alarm you, but it’s not abnormal to have your eyes change a little bit over time. In fact, some patients will have constant change for a few years, and then a few years of the same prescription. Our eyes change throughout our lifetime, not just during certain […]

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Sun Damage and How To Prevent It

The days are getting longer and we’re all more likely to enjoy nicer weather by spending more time outdoors. Unfortunately, spending more time brings more time with mosquitoes, more chances of sunburn, and more chances of UV radiation damaging your eyes. Yes, UV radiation from the sun is linked to many eye issues like macular […]

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What Is Visual Field Testing?

During your annual eye exam, Dr. Thom may perform a visual field test to detect any concerns that may affect your vision. Some patients choose to forego the test, but understanding the benefits of the procedure helps you make an informed decision about your eyecare. What is the Visual Field? The visual field of your eyesight […]

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