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Wink, Wink! Tips For Eyelid Care

A subtle wink on Valentine’s Day can be flirtation, playful teasing and a sign that you find someone utterly adorable. The message may be lost in translation, though, if you have a red lump, puffiness or other signs of eyelid problems. Taking care of your eyelids ensures that this charming way of communicating is well-received […]

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Eyes

Making New Year’s resolutions is a long-standing tradition that encourages us to make positive changes for our health and well-being. For 2018, make sure to consider ways to keep your eyes healthy. Routine exams and screenings for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye conditions are important, and we have put together a few more ideas to get you […]

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3 Ways to Protect Your Vision

You eat right (or try to), you exercise regularly, and you even wear sunscreen when you’re spending an extended period amount of time in the sun. And although you may know how to take pretty good care of your overall health, there may be a few things that you aren’t quite as familiar with such […]

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Fall Makeup Trends: How to Make Your Eyes Pop!

Fall fashion is one of the biggest fashion seasons of the year. With things like big sweaters, skinny jeans, and low-rise booties hitting the scene, women everywhere are wondering what makeup trends they should try to make their eyes pop just as much as their wardrobe. From metallic eyeshadow to dramatic brows, this article will […]

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