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Understanding conjunctivitis

Did you wake up with red, itchy eyes? Do you notice buildup of dried discharge in one or both eyes that can cause the lashes to mat? Is your eye watery and bothersome? If you are dealing with these symptoms, you might be diagnosed with a condition called conjunctivitis, more commonly known as “pink eye.” […]

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Pediatric Eye Care Concerns That Can Be Addressed at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic

At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, we not only assist adults with their eye care needs, but we also provide pediatric eye care services. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that may occur in children, such as strabismus, ptosis, or amblyopia. Strabismus – this condition is known as cross-eyes. It is a visual […]

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Pterygium | Fargo, ND

What is a Pterygium?

A pterygium (which can also be referred to as “surfer’s eye”) is a wedge-shaped growth that most often extends from the moist conjunctiva over to the cornea of the eye. Pterygiums can cause dryness and irritation of the eye, among other issues. In untreated cases, a pterygium can move into the cornea of the eye, […]

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What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Technology has brought us a lot of amazing things in the last fifty years. We have access to flights that take us across the world, cellphones to let us talk to anyone at anytime, and the internet to let us learn about anything we want. Can you remember what it was like fifty years ago? […]

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