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What Is Visual Field Testing?

During your annual eye exam, Dr. Thom may perform a visual field test to detect any concerns that may affect your vision. Some patients choose to forego the test, but understanding the benefits of the procedure helps you make an informed decision about your eyecare. What is the Visual Field? The visual field of your eyesight […]

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What’s So Special About Blue Light?

As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, eye strain and related conditions are being discovered more often during routine eye exams. If you poke around the menus of the most recent smart phones and tablets, you may stumble across a setting for a blue light filter. There may even be a few words about […]

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3 Ways to Protect Your Vision

You eat right (or try to), you exercise regularly, and you even wear sunscreen when you’re spending an extended period amount of time in the sun. And although you may know how to take pretty good care of your overall health, there may be a few things that you aren’t quite as familiar with such […]

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The Importance of Making Eye Contact

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s important to think of all of the etiquette involved in making sure you have a romantic evening with your special someone. For example, always open the door for a lady, place your napkin on your lap, hold your champagne glass from the stem, and make eye contact. […]

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