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Should You Buy Glasses Online?

When it comes to having less than perfect vision, we have a few options to correct the issue. Whether you’re looking into LASIK or don’t mind wearing something that corrects your vision, glasses are a must to have. Even if you wear contacts every day, glasses give your eyes a break and let them breathe […]

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How To Choose Reading Glasses

One day it happens. You find yourself squinting, straining and blinking just to focus on a menu, newspaper or another object with incredibly small print. It’s time to accept that aging has taken a toll on your eyes, but no worries. If you had the eye exam in the past year, chances are good that your […]

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How to Tell If You Need New Glasses

Fall is the perfect time of year to revamp your wardrobe, declutter your closet, and get rid of old clothes and accessories that are just taking up space. As one part of your wardrobe that you may not consider replacing, your glasses are likely your most worn, but most neglected, an accessory that you own. […]

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How Not to Clean your Glasses

Life is busy. Not only do you have to worry about work deadlines, your kid’s soccer games, and your financial budget, but you also have to worry about the small things like grocery shopping, cleaning your house, and yes, even cleaning your glasses. And, when you are busy running around all day long, it’s easy […]

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