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Is Your Child Cross-Eyed? How to Make Them Feel Confident in a Patch

eyepatch boyHave you noticed that one of your child’s eyes has started to wander to one side when they are trying to look forward? Has your child started to complain of things such as headaches throughout the day? Take a look at your child and ask them to stare straight ahead. If one eye wanders to the side, then they are likely suffering from strabismus, which is more commonly known as “cross eyed syndrome”.

As one of the best and easiest ways to treat strabismus in children, wearing a patch on your good eye will help to train your “cross eye” to become stronger and to look straight ahead. However, wearing a patch can be a death sentence for children in many ways. Not only are they more likely to get made fun of but they may start to lose some of their self-esteem as well. If your child has to wear an eye patch, consider the following tips to help them feel more confident.

Pirate Themed Party
It’s no secret that pirates are known for wearing eye patches. As a fun way to not only introduce your child to the idea of wearing an eye patch every day but to introduce their friends and classmates to the idea as well, consider throwing a pirate themed party right when your child gets their patch. Tell everyone to dress up as a pirate and hand out eye patches to all of the children. Then throughout the party, try to get your child and their peers excited and used to the idea of your child having to wear a patch every day. This will help prevent your child being made fun of or being picked on— the more comfortable children are with an idea, then the less likely they are to taunt other people.

Re-emphasize Their Beauty and Worth
If you start to notice that your child’s self-esteem is starting to dwindle because of their eye patch or even before that even starts to happen, make sure to emphasize and re-emphasize their beauty and self-worth. Try repeating things such as how handsome or beautiful they are and make sure to let them know that their personality shines stronger than their looks.

If your child is cross eyed and they have to wear a patch, it can be difficult to get them used to the idea. However, by trying the tips above, you can help them to become more confident. To learn more, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today!

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