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Does Your Child’s Eye Wander? Dealing With a Lazy Eye

lazy eyeIf you have noticed that your child’s eye has started to wander towards one direction when they are trying to look straight ahead or if they are complaining of getting tired on a more frequent basis, then they might have a lazy eye or Amblyopia. Although you might think that a lazy eye is easily detectable and fairly obvious, you might not even realize that your child has a lazy eye for quite some time. Even though it is never a fun to know that your child is suffering from some sort of illness or disease, the great thing about lazy eyes is that it is easily treatable. Read on to learn more.

Diagnosis: Eye Exam
In order for your child to be fully diagnosed as having amblyopia, they must undergo an eye exam. Because Dr. Steve Thom has experience dealing with children, you can rest assured that your child will feel both safe and comfortable during their examination. During the eye exam, Dr. Steve Thom will use a light to look into both of your child’s eyes in order to see if/how one eye tends to wander.

Treatment: Eye Patch
If it is determined that your child does, in fact, have a lazy eye after your child visits Dr. Steve Thom for an eye examination, he will most likely recommend that your child wear an eye patch over their good eye for a little while. Because your lazy eye naturally relies on your good eye in order to maintain focus, by covering up your good eye, your brain and eye will have to work extra hard to not wander or lose focus.

As an added benefit to an eye patch, you can tell your child that they can pretend to be a real life pirate for a little bit. If your child starts to feel self-conscious about having to wear a patch over their eye, consider getting everyone in your family to wear a patch around them for a day or two. The less awkward your child feels, the more likely they are to wear their eye patch as directed by Dr. Steve Thom.

To learn more about whether or not your child suffers from amblyopia, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today!

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