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Common conditions seen in patients with diabetes

At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, we understand how important it is to take care of your vision for life. When patients have coexisting conditions that can impact their eyesight, such as diabetes, it is even more critical that patients take the steps in protecting their vision. Dr. Steve Thom, our Fargo, ND ophthalmologist, is here to help with patients reduce the impact their condition has on their eye health.

About diabetic eye disease

When patients are diagnosed with diabetes, they may already be overwhelmed at the idea of eating right, monitoring blood sugar levels, and ensuring they feel healthy while living with this condition. However, patients also need to pay close attention to their eye health as well. Diabetic eye disease encompasses several different vision concerns that may develop as a complication of diabetes. These conditions can cause severe vision loss and blindness if not diagnosed and addressed in their earlier stages. Below are just a few of the more common conditions that patients with diabetes are at risk of developing during their lifetime:

  • Diabetic retinopathy – this is the leading cause of blindness in American adults with diabetes and is caused by irreversible damage to the blood vessels in the retina.
  • Cataracts – cataracts cause the clouding of the eye and are typically seen in older patients. However, individuals with diabetes may find that the risk of cataracts is much higher and can occur sooner than in patients without diabetes.
  • Glaucoma – elevated eye pressure is a greater risk for diabetic patients. This eye pressure can cause glaucoma, which is a result of optic nerve damage and overall vision loss.

Learn more about caring for your vision

As a diabetic individual, it is critical that you pay close attention to the conditions that you are at risk of developing due to your health. If you are a diabetic who wants to know more about caring for your vision along with diabetes, contact Thom Eye and Laser Clinic of Fargo, ND at (710) 235-5200 for an eye examination. Our team will evaluate your vision and provide recommendations for caring for your eyes! Dr. Steven Thom’s practice is conveniently located at 2601 University Drive S.

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