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How to Deal with a Scratched Cornea

Your cornea— the clear outer covering of your eye— is very sensitive and can be scratched fairly easily. Typically scratched by having something like a piece of dust lodged into your eye, a scratched cornea can cause a lot of tearing, pain, and redness. So, how can you properly treat a scratched cornea? As the first step, schedule an appointment with your eye doctor; they will be able to properly determine what route to take as far as treatment goes. Treatment options include patching, antibiotics, and precautionary treatment. Read on to learn more.

Scratched CorneaNobody wants to wear an eye patch to work, school, or anywhere outside of the house. However, if you scratched your cornea, you might be prescribed to wear an eye patch for a couple of days until your cornea heals properly. Because a scratched cornea can cause light sensitivity, an eye patch is a perfect way to properly protect your eye.

In order to prevent infection, your eye doctor may prescribe you with some antibiotic eye drops. These eye drops shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort when being applied and will help to ensure that you don’t get an infection. Just make sure that you follow the recommended dosage and to call your doctor if any burning or new symptoms arise.

Taking Precautions
Having a scratched cornea isn’t the end of the world but it will require you to take some extra precautions during the healing process. For instance, you shouldn’t wear contacts, eye makeup, or touch your eyes during the healing process. Consult your doctor in regards to when you’ll be able to get back into your normal routine once again.

Having a scratched cornea cannot only be uncomfortable but it can be a bit frightening as well. If not taken care of properly, a scratched cornea can result in an eye infection and in the rarest and serious of cases, blindness. However, by consulting your ophthalmologist and getting the right treatment, your cornea should heal in just a few days. To learn more about a scratched cornea or to speak with an ophthalmologist, contact our office today!

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