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Decrease Ptosis in Your Child

Ptosis is a common eye condition that occurs in pediatric patients. While it can be treated with surgery, many parents don’t seem to be ready for their child to undergo such invasive treatment. Don’t worry. There are eye exercises that you could teach your child in order to reduce the symptoms of his or her ptosis.

Apply resisting force.  

The strength of one’s eyelid can be improved by putting a finger on the upper eyelid while it is closed. Then, gently apply a downward pressure to the eyelid with your finger while trying to lift the eyelid. Hold that position for about five seconds. You can ask your child to do this exercise or you can do it with him or her about 10 times every day.

Test the strength of your child’s eyelids.  

Ptosis can be relieved by strengthening the eyelids. Another exercise is to close both eyes while the index finger is placed on both eyelids. While eyes are firmly shut close by both index fingers, try to open them up. If you are doing this routine with your child, you should be able to feel the muscles of the eyelids contracting and applying tension. Performing this 20 times a day can relieve the symptoms of ptosis.

Apply tension.  

While there are many eye exercises that you can do to strengthen the eyelids, an effective one involves holding your index fingers on either side of your temples beside both your eyes. Then, pull back slightly, as if you are forming cat eyes. Hold that position while you are quickly opening and closing your eyes simultaneously for 10 times. Have some rest after each routine.

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