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What Your Eye Ache is Telling You

eye acheHave you ever woken up from a good night’s sleep only to realize that you have an eye ache? Feeling similar to having a headache, only located on your eye or your eyebrow, an eye ache could symbolize a vast variety of things including pink eye, corneal abrasions, a sty, or even some sort of burn. If you are suffering from eye pain but aren’t quite sure what it is linked to, read on to learn more.

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)
Pink eye is a type of eye infection that causes your eye to become red, inflamed, achy, itchy, and it may even exude some type of pus or liquid. The tricky part about conjunctivitis is that it can be contracted virally, bacterially, chemically, or even through allergies. One of the worst parts about conjunctivitis is that it is very very contagious, which means that if you have contracted it and it is deemed that it is “viral” then you need to visit Steve Thom right away in order to get on some sort of antibiotics.

Corneal Abrasions
Let’s face it, if you either live an active lifestyle, wear contact lenses, or have a small child, then the chances are fairly high that you will get a corneal abrasion of sorts at some point. By scratching your eye, you can cause it to become irritated and even inflamed which will, in turn, make it feel sore and achy. In order to treat a corneal abrasion, Dr. Steve Thom may recommend that you leave it alone, get an antibacterial eye drop, or that you even wear a patch of some sorts.

A Stye
A stye is caused when one of your oil glands in your eye becomes blocked and irritated which will then result in a lump appearing typically near the tear duct itself.

Chemical and flash burns can occur from things either like a spark from a campfire or a chemical such as bleach being exposed to your eye. If you suffer from one of these types of burns, try to flush your eye immediately and call poison control if it was a chemical burn. These types of burns will cause immediate pain and irritation which can make you feel less than normal.

If you are suffering from eye pain, it could be caused by a variety of different things. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Steve Thom today.

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