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What Your Eye Color Says About You

eye healthHave you ever wondered if your personality would be completely transformed if your appearance was different? For instance, have you thought that you may be more outgoing if you had a different color of eyes? Although there really is no science behind what your eye color says about you and your personality, it’s still fun to think about. We have created a fun blog post to help you see if your eye color and your personality are intertwined. Read on to learn more.

Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes you are likely a bit more confident. Although your confidence may be misconstrued as cockiness, it actually is just a sign of your inner strength and self-assurance. Pass along this trait to those around you by complimenting them on things they aren’t confident about.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are the rarest eye color. If you have green eyes, pat yourself on the back for being unique from those around you. Because not very many people have green eyes, you are known to be mysterious, sexy, and even a bit alluring at times.

Brown Eyes

The darker your eyes are, the more melanin is in them. As the most common form of eye color around, having brown eyes doesn’t make you generic. In fact, individuals who have brown eyes are said to be natural born leaders. Do you take the initiative a lot? Do you like to run the show? This could be because of your brown eyes.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are an eye color that often switches back and forth between brown and green eyes. Do you have a desire for adventure? Are you the one in your group of friends that always wants to try something new? If you have hazel colored eyes it is no surprise that you are known to be confident, spontaneous, and independent.

Although your eye color doesn’t necessarily correlate with your personality, it’s still fun to think about. To learn more about your eyes and eye health, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today!



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