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Five Tips for Diabetic Eye Care

At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, our professionals provide premier eye care for patients in the area of Fargo, ND. Dr. Steve Thom and his providers are available to help with a wide range of vision health needs. For patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, eye care is incredibly important to maintain overall health. Dr. Steve Thom is pleased to offer a variety of tips for diabetics in ensuring better overall eye health.

  • Know your risk. Many patients have no idea that their diabetes can impact their vision. Patients with diabetes are at a higher risk of developing common eye diseases and disorders, including cataracts, glaucoma, and even diabetic retinopathy. Speaking to a doctor about the risk of these issues developing is a step in the right direction—with information and education!
  • Maintain routine eye examinations. Visit your ophthalmologist at least once a year for a comprehensive, dilated eye examination in the practice. With a diagnosis of diabetes, Dr. Steve Thom can pay close attention to the signs and symptoms of related disease and vision issues that may develop.
  • Control your blood sugars. Patients with high blood sugars may experience damage  to the blood vessels in the eye. It is vital that patients maintain their blood sugar levels at a healthy point at all times to prevent these problems.
  • Stay active. Not only is exercise good for your body, but it can be good for your diabetes and eye health as well. When patients are living active lifestyles and have their diabetes under control, they will enjoy the benefits of better eyesight with reduced risk of common ailments.
  • Eat a proper diet. The foods you eat can significantly impact your blood sugar levels, so working with a nutritionist to maintain a proper, healthy diet can also reduce the risk of diabetes-related eye health concerns.

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