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Floaters and Flashes in Your Sight: What Do They Mean?

Have you ever noticed tiny spots or cobweb-like specks that come out of nowhere and suddenly drift around your field of sight? These annoying hindrances in our vision are commonly known as eye floaters and spots. Usually, they come in our vision often and are not a cause for alarm, yet in other cases, they could be.

Floaters and Flashes 

Eye floaters and spots usually result from the breaking loose of our eyes’ gel-like vitreous substance. What started out as gel-like in consistency gradually becomes liquified as we age. However, gel particles still occasionally float around this watery center of the vitreous, causing the particles to take various shapes and sizes that result to what we are familiar with – floaters. Because floaters and spots move together with your eyes, these specks create the impression of “drifting” around your vision.

Should You Be Worried? 

Although it is normal to occasionally experience these floaters, it can be classified as a medical emergency once you see them in a shower of light flashes and spots.

This sudden appearance may indicate that the eye’s vitreous is pulling away from the retina. In some cases, the retina may be pulling away from the inner back of the eye from where blood, oxygen, and nutrients nourish the eye to keep it functioning. A detachment happens when the vitreous invades the opening of the torn retina, pushing it out of the eye. When not given medical attention right away, this retinal tear or detachment could lead into a permanent loss of vision.

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