Eye Exams Fargo ND

hazel-eyeEye exams are usually performed in several stages. Following initial testing by our skilled technicians, Dr. Thom will examine you and determine if further testing is needed. After your examination, he will discuss any findings and recommendations for visual correction, medical or surgical treatment, and further testing if necessary.

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Common tests during an eye exam evaluation:

Intial Interview:

Dr. Thom will ask basic questions about your medical history and eye health.

External Eye Evaluation:

Dr. Thom inspects the eye and surrounding tissue for visible issues.

Pupil Examination:

Pupils will be inspected for equal size and regular shape. Then we test how your eyes and vision respond to objects at various distances and light.

Eye Muscle Health and Mobility:

We ensure your ocular muscles are working properly, the test includes following a pen or a finger with your eyes while your head stays still.

Visual Acuity:

This exam includes the famous Snellen chart. The patient reads the letters row by row to access your ability to see small details.


This test is used to find the best corrected vision, if necessary for prescription eyewear or contacts. Dr. Thom will try various lenses in front of each eye, to find the best lens to correct your vision.


This exam is done with an ophthalmoscope, a handheld instrument with light and magnifying lenses. Ophthalmoscopy aims to inspect the retina and surrounding internal eye. This test can help diagnose problems with the retina or detachment of the retina, and monitor diseases like glaucoma and diabetes. An opacity in the eye can indicate a cataract.


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