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Getting Ready for Your Cataract Surgery

The most recent statistics from the World Health Organization (latest assessment on cataract cases) shows that cataracts affect about one half of the world’s population. Formerly, cataracts were basically the beginning of a sentence of blindness, or at best, really bad vision. It still is that way in developing countries, unfortunately. But in the U.S. surgery to remove the cataract-clouded lenses and replace them with artificial lenses is commonplace and very successful.

cataract surgeryHere are some instructions to follow to get ready for your cataract surgery:

? If you work, plan on taking two days off before and two days off after the procedure.
? Plan for someone to take you to and from your surgery. Plus, it’s best to have someone around the house for the first few days following surgery to help with chores and other needs.
? Don’t drink alcohol 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled surgery.
? You can eat breakfast before your surgery, but keep it relatively light.
? Don’t wear eye make-up on the morning of your surgery.
? Wash your hair thoroughly that morning.
? Wear clean, comfortable, loose clothing on the day of your surgery.
? Pre-surgery eye drops for the surgical eye may be prescribed. Ask your surgeon about the appropriate technique for inserting these eye drops.
? Take only minimal items to the surgery center.
? Have your wrap-around sunglasses ready. They will prove useful post-surgery when you may find yourself highly sensitive to light.

Following these simple instructions will ensure that your days of cloudy, cataract-addled vision are over, and there’s nothing but clear sights ahead.

If you have other questions about your upcoming cataract surgery, call us at Thom Eye & Laser Clinic at 7901-235-5200.

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