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Headaches and Your Vision

Eye Care Services Fargo North DakotaWhether you have a chronic migraine or just a headache that is making your forehead throb, you know just how debilitating they can be. And although most headaches will go away with some Ibuprofen and a nap, some are indicative of an underlying issue like an eye problem. From astigmatism to presbyopia, this article will discuss a few eye conditions that may be causing you to have headaches. Read on to learn more.


As one of the most common eye conditions out there, astigmatism is a defect that causes a spherical curvature of the eye which results in you having blurred vision and seeing distorted images. Because your vision is blurred and your mind is working on overdrive to try to focus your eyes, it can result in headaches. Luckily, astigmatism can be easily treated by Dr. Steve Thom with glasses or surgery in some very rare cases.


Hyperopia or farsightedness is a condition that makes seeing things up close to become a lot more difficult than seeing things far away. Although not typically prevalent amongst children, hyperopia can inflict individuals of all ages. Similar to astigmatism, hyperopia causes headaches as your eyes are straining themselves to read things like books and labels up close. After an eye examination and a diagnosis, however, hyperopia can be treated with simple reading glasses.


As a condition that affects both children and adults of all ages, presbyopia or nearsightedness makes seeing things far away a lot more difficult to do. And, as you work to focus and see objects ahead of you, you can develop headaches. Treated with glasses or surgery in some cases, presbyopia is easily fixed.

There are several eye conditions that can cause you to develop headaches. If you have chronic headaches in conjunction with blurred vision, you are likely suffering from an eye problem. To learn more or to schedule an eye examination, contact Dr. Steve Thom today!



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