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Headed to the Beach? How to Shield Your Eyes

eye care protectWith the heat of summer in full swing, people everywhere are headed to the beach for either a small getaway or a week-long vacation. And although you would never leave the house without your swimsuit and towel, it’s equally as important to not leave the house without the proper tools necessary to shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Because the sun can cause permanent damage to your eyes, it’s important that you take the best care of them as possible. Read on to learn more.


Yes, it may come as no surprise that you will need to wear sunglasses while spending time in the sun, but it’s important to know what kinds of sunglasses are best to purchase. For instance, when shopping for sunglasses, look for lenses that offer both UVA and UVB protection. These lenses will protect your eyes from the sun’s different types of rays.

A Hat

Another way to protect your eyes from the sun? By wearing a hat with a brim. Through adding that extra shield of protection while you are outside, you are making it hard for the sun to creep into the tops of your sun glasses and cause any eye damage that way, and you are simply just offering your eyes an extra layer of protection while spending a day at the beach.

Start Early On

Research states that 80% of the sun damage an individual receives, happens before they are the age of 20, so if you have a little one that you are taking with you to the beach, make sure to cover their eyes with both sunglasses and a hat— and throw in a beach umbrella in there for yet another added layer of protection.

As you can see, it is of utmost importance to shield your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. By wearing the right protective eye gear, a hat, and protecting your kid’s eyes early on, you can help to save your vision from eye problems further down the line. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today!



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