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How to Help a Family Member Suffering From Vision Loss

vision lossThere are few things that are more life changing than losing your vision. If you have a family member who has recently lost their vision due to cataracts, glaucoma, or any other ailment, you may not understand just how devastating this type of loss can be. Not only are your loved ones unable to do regular everyday tasks like driving or walking around outside, but their self-esteem is likely suffering as well. Luckily, with the help of family and Dr. Steve Thom, your loved one can gain their confidence and learn how to live a full life with vision loss. From lending a helping hand to learning braille with them, this article will discuss a few ways that you can help a family member suffering from vision loss. Read on to learn more.

Lend a Helping Hand

As your loved one is learning the ropes of life without vision, they are going to need an extra helping hand doing things like getting around, grocery shopping, cleaning, and even showering. Offer to stay with your family member for a few weeks as they get acclimated with their new lifestyle. Although offering to help your loved one is great, make sure that you are letting them learn things on their own as well— remember that the goal is to stay with them only until they feel self-sufficient and confident to be on their own.

Learn Braille With Them

Now that your loved one has lost their ability to see, they will need to learn how to read without their vision with a system called braille. By using raised dots that act as characters of the alphabet, Braille can help your loved one gain the confidence to read in a new way. As a good way to show your love and support for your family member, consider learning braille with them. By spending time studying together, you can both learn a new language while enjoying each others company. And because losing your vision is isolating enough, by doing something together, you can make your family member feel less insulated.

Vision loss is something that affects millions of individuals each year. To help your loved one adjust to their new lifestyle, these tips are sure to make them feel more confident. To learn more about vision care and vision loss, schedule an appointment with Dr. Steve Thom today.

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