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How can diabetes affect your vision and eye health?

Diabetic Eye CareDiabetes affects millions of Americans each year. The condition is prevalent in America, and is often a result of genetics or dietary lifestyles. Controlling blood sugar levels is key to controlling diabetes—and can also protect your vision health.

How diabetes affects eyesight

Patients who have diabetes often experience low and high blood sugar levels. Controlling blood sugar levels and ensuring stability will not only help manage the condition, but can also reduce the risk of developing common vision and eye health issues associated with diabetes. At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic in Fargo, ND, we encourage patients to notify us if they have a diagnosis of diabetes so we can properly monitor risk to the patient’s vision over time with each evaluation.

Diabetes can impact the eyesight in many ways. It is common for patients to have coexisting eye conditions as a result of their diabetes. In fact, studies show that over 40 percent of diabetic patients develop a form of eye disease within their lifetime. Some patients may not exhibit signs of related eye conditions in the earlier stages, which is why it is critical for these patients to undergo annual eye evaluations with a trained ophthalmologist to catch these problems as soon as they occur.

Patients who have diabetes are often at a much higher risk of developing:

  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetic retinopathy

While some of these conditions are a result of aging, senior patients with diabetes may have an increased risk. At Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, we monitor eye health over time and look for signs of problems that may develop.

How can I reduce my risk of vision problems if I have diabetes?

For most of our patients, management of their blood sugar levels can reduce their risk of developing future problems with their vision. Patients should work with their primary care physician to create a plan for blood sugar management, whether it includes lifestyle and nutrition changes or routine insulin injections as needed. Not only will patients feel better when they manage their diabetes, but they can improve their eye health and avoid serious problems down the road.

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