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How Do Eyes Age?

Macular Degeneration Fargo NDWatching your prescription change year after year might alarm you, but it’s not abnormal to have your eyes change a little bit over time. In fact, some patients will have constant change for a few years, and then a few years of the same prescription. Our eyes change throughout our lifetime, not just during certain stages of life. Though, there are certain issues to watch out for depending on age. Keep reading to learn about the stages of life our eyes go through, and what to look for to keep your eyes healthy through all that passing time.


When we’re born, our eyes still have a lot of growing to do. We learn to follow moving objects with our eyes after a few months, and our eyes keep developing through that first year. Babies see everything in black and white until they’re between five and eight months old!

Some signs of poor eye health during this life stage might be red eyes, light sensitivity, and eyes that are very watery.


By this point, we’ve solidified our ability to see color and have even nailed down good hand-eye coordination. Signs of vision problems at this stage of life include holding objects too closely, light sensitivity, and issues with coordination.


Many of us with poor vision have it identified at this stage of life. Often, poor performance in school or trouble seeing the white board that leads us to our first pair of glasses. Issues here include complications from too much electronic light (from computers and phones).


Your prescription may stabilize here, but it’s still important to maintain proper eye care to prevent issues in the future. Wearing sunglasses and eating foods to provide vitamins and nutrients for good eye health can help you maintain good vision for longer.


After we reach forty years of age, we might start developing complications from genetics, illness, or work. For example, if you don’t use eye protection while working outside or work long hours at a computer, your eyes may start to show signs of it here.


Sixty year olds are young, but our eyes continue aging regardless. Watch out for signs of macular degeneration and retinal detachment at this age. Cataracts may also cause problems after this age.

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