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How to Encourage Your Little Ones to Wear Their Glasses

It may have started off with them constantly rubbing their eyes or maybe you even noticed that one of their eyes was starting to drift. Whatever way you found out that your child needs glasses, it’s just the beginning of the journey. As wonderful and lovable children are, they can also be quite stubborn and refuse to wear things that aren’t comfortable or that may cause some amount of annoyance. If your little one just started wearing glasses but is having a hard time adjusting to them, try these tips.

Pediatric Eye Care1. Wear Glasses Too
Yes, it’s true: our children love to mimic everything that we do. If your child is having a hard time getting accustomed to wearing their glasses, it might be time for you to step in and start wearing some yourself. Don’t have prescription glasses? Don’t worry. You can pick up some clear prescription free glasses from virtually any department store. By wearing your glasses together, you can help to make your child feel comfortable about this new addition and maybe even a little more confident too.

2. Try a Little at First
It takes a little while to become fully adjusted to prescription glasses. In fact, wearing new glasses can sometimes cause dizziness or even headaches as your eyes slowly become adjusted to the prescription. In order to make your child feel a bit more comfortable start out slowly by having them wear their glasses for just a few hours in the morning, and then slowly work up to having them wear them for a day. If they start complaining of dizziness or headaches, let them take their glasses off and rest their eyes for a little— you don’t want to cause your child more pain than is necessary.

3. Let them Pick Their Glasses
When you’re first in the optical shop, let your child pick their favorite pair of glasses. Although they might look a little goofy to you and might not be your first choice, it’s important for your child to be happy with their decision and feel comfortable wearing them.

Encouraging your children to wear their glasses can sometimes be a difficult feet. However, by following these three steps, you can help your little one get into better habits and embrace their new fashion accessory.

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