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How to Hide a Stye

Eye Care Services Fargo NDThere is nothing worse than a painful, sore, bright red stye on your eye arriving on the day of a big presentation at school or work. It’s not a bad omen, but it’s sure unlucky! Thankfully, they are often gone in a matter of days and can usually be prevented with a little more care. For those days you can’t wait or reschedule due to a stye, read on to learn how to hide a stye.

Generally speaking, a stye is a clogged gland in the eye. Often, the gland is filled with dead skin cells and bacteria that are trapped and result in a red bump on or in the eyelid. Even worse, that red bump can make your eye sensitive to bright lights, make more tears, and even result in crusty buildup around the eyelid. Not exactly the picture of professionalism!

As soon as you can, clean the eye. Put a clean washcloth that has been soaked with warm water on the eye and let it sit for five to ten minutes. Massage the eye gently, but resist the urge to rub or try to pop the stye. Aggravating a stye will likely only make it worse. Try to clean the eye several times a day, and remove any crusty buildup as soon as you can. Also, make sure your hands are clean before they go near your eyes.

Next, ditch your contacts. Contacts can trap bacteria, and even reintroduce it to your eye as you put them in every morning. Hopefully, you have a pair of glasses as a backup that you can wear. These will let your eye breathe and can keep your eye free of further contamination. As a bonus, your glasses can also help hide your stye by taking attention off of your eyes. This is easier when you have thicker frames or frames that have bright colors on them.

If you have access to a yellow or green concealer stick, then you’re in luck. Green is the opposite of red on the color wheel, so it counteracts the bright red of the stye when you apply it. Yellow is likely more accessible to you, and that will work to help dampen the color too. If you can wear makeup to work, consider wearing thick eyeliner or eyeshadow to mask the bulge of a stye.

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