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How to Properly Change Your Contacts

You may have been wearing contact lenses for your entire life without knowing the proper way to change and dispose of them. However, considering that contact lenses are literally your way to see into the world, it’s important that you know how to change them in a way that won’t damage your eyes or your contacts. Read on to learn more.

Always Wash Your Hands
contact lens careWhether it’s a 2am wake-up call or a 2am bedtime, there is never an excuse to touch your lenses without freshly washed hands— dirty hands can immediately transfer that very same dirt directly to your contact lenses and can either damage your lenses themselves or can scratch your eyeball. Simply scrub your hands with soap and water and towel dry them with a lint free towel.

Make Sure Your Lenses Are Cleaned
The next most important step is making sure that your lenses are properly cleaned and disinfected. A few years ago you would have to have a cleaning solution and a disinfectant solution to properly care for your contact lenses— however, nowadays there are all-in-one solutions that can get the same job done but without all of the added fuss. Before picking your lenses up from the container, visually inspect the lenses themselves in order to make sure that they don’t have any sort of dirt or hair built up on them.

Hold From The Middle
After you have cleaned your hands and ensured that your lenses themselves are cleaned, it’s now time to get your contact lenses out from the lens container. Simply reach into the lens container and take out the lenses using one or two of your fingers. In order to prevent your lenses from ripping in any way, make sure to hold your lenses in the middle— avoiding the edges.

By understanding the basics behind properly changing your contact lenses you can help protect your lenses for longer and ensure that your eyes don’t get irritated or infected. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

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