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How to Properly Flush Your Eyes

Looking at the labels on the back of boxes is nothing short of intimidating— not only do they have a list of precautions to take but companies are also required by law to list things such as what to do if you accidentally overdose or a recommendation to flush your eye out if the product comes in contact with your eyes. However, if the latter does happen, do you know how to properly flush your eye out in order to rid it of any sort of chemicals? If you’re like most people you probably do not. Follow these tips to learn how to properly flush your eye and get back to feeling like, and seeing like, your normal self again.

eye care tips

  1. Use a Cup
    One of the easiest ways to flush your eye is to take either an eye cup or a small cup and fill it all the way to the top. Then simply place your eyeball in the top of the glass so that water is able to fully encompass it. Then slowly open and close your eye a few times until you start to feel some relief. If you don’t get relief at first or can’t seem to open your eye, keep on trying for a few minutes and make sure you get your eyeball fully submerged in the water.
  2. Shower
    Another method to properly flush your eye out with water is to hop in the shower and let a cold stream of water rush across your face. As the water gently hits your face, slowly open your eye and let some of the water flush it out. Just make sure that the water pressure isn’t too strong because this could actually damage your eye. Also make sure that the temperature isn’t too hot because you could potentially burn your eye as well.
  3. Your Hands
    As a last resort, you can use your hands as a method to flush your eyes out. How exactly? Once you have properly cleaned your hands, create a small cup with your hands and fill it with water. Then, just as you would with a regular cup, rest your eye in the water in order to properly flush it out.

Having something stuck in your eye is one of the worst feelings. However, by understanding how to properly flush your eye by using one of the above three methods, you can ensure that your eye doesn’t get damaged.

To learn more about how to properly take care of your eyes, contact our office today!

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