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How to Tell if Your Baby Needs Glasses

It can be hard to read anyone’s mind, including your baby’s. When it comes to your infant’s eye healthPediatric Eye Care, it can sometimes be hard to know if they need glasses. Here are four of the top indications that your infant might need glasses.

Lazy Eye
Have you noticed that one of your child’s eyes is starting to fade to one side when you are looking at them? Have you noticed that it looks like your child suddenly has a lazy eye? This is one of the biggest signs in infants that they need some vision correction to help them focus on objects and see properly.

Sitting Close to Objects
Whether your child is sitting abnormally close to the TV, is bringing books up close to their faces, or is holding their favorite toy just inches from their face, this is another indication that they are suffering from vision problems.

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Eye Rubbing
Have you noticed your infant rubbing his or her eyes all the time and just can’t seem to break them of the habit? Although the eye rubbing might be due to things such as allergies, it could also be caused by blurred vision and their ability to try to see objects more clearly.

Squinting their eyes is another one of the leading indications of bad infant vision. By trying to focus on the objects in from of them, squinting is the body’s natural process to try to adapt to their sudden lowered ability to see.

Nothing looks quite as cute as seeing your round, fat baby with a pair of glasses on them. Although it takes a while to get adjusted to these newly discovered glasses, they will help give your child back the vision that they deserve without having to go through a lot of aches and pains in the process. If you are worried that your infant needs glasses, but just aren’t sure how to tell. Watch out for these four signs and schedule an appointment with our office today!

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