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How to Tell if Your Little One Needs Glasses

In a perfect world toddler and infants would be able to fully communicate with us regarding their wants and needs. However, unless you live a world filled with magic potions and unlimited wishes, you have to stay in tune with what your child is trying to tell you. And although it can be easy to determine when your little one is hungry or tired, things like determining if they need glasses or need to visit an optometrist is a whole other beast. Look for these three signs to help you determine whether or not your little one needs glasses.thom1

Sitting too Close to the TV

Putting a little kid in front of a TV can be like hypnotizing an adult— they get drawn in really easily and can stare at the TV screen for hours on end. If you notice that your little one prefers to stand or sit obscenely close to the TV, this is indicative that they can’t see from far away and that they need glasses. Try moving them back away from the TV and see if they continue to stay engaged with the program they are watching— if they keep on getting closer and closer, then you know that something is likely wrong with their vision.

Rubbing their eyes

Staring at your computer screen for far to long can cause an extreme strain on your eyes— causing you to want to rub them in order to feel comfortable once again. If you notice that your child is rubbing their eyes a lot, it might be due to them straining their eyes in order to properly see what is in front of them.

Lazy Eye

Lazy eyes or wandering eyes are not only uncomfortable for everyone to look at but they are also indicative that your child needs glasses. In most cases only one eye is affected and it can easily be treated with prescription eye glasses. However, there are some instances in which your child will have to wear an eye patch for a few months or will require further assistance.

To learn more about ways in which to tell if your little one needs glasses, schedule an appointment with our office today!

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