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How to Treat Amblyopia

The day you become a parent, your worrying kicks into overdrive. You worry about whether or not they’re getting enough to eat, if they are warm enough if they are happy if they are growing at the right rate and everything else under the sun. As the biggest thing to worry about, their overall health and well-being top the worry-charts. If you have noticed that one of your child’s eyes turns inward, then they may have amblyopia. Caused by only one of the eyes developing good vision while the other one does not, amblyopia is fairly common. Affecting about 2-3% of kids in the United States, the great thing about amblyopia is that it is treatable. From eye patches to surgery, this article will discuss a few ways that Dr. Steve Thom can help treat your child’s amblyopia. Read on to learn more.

Eye Patches

If caught early on, amblyopia can typically be treated by an eye patch alone. By placing an eye patch over the good eye, an eye patch works to train the bad eye. Because your good eye is covered, it will cause your bad eye to strengthen— correcting it in the process.


In conjunction with eye patches, glasses are also recommended. Glasses for amblyopia work by blurring the good eye. When it comes to both eye patches and glasses, the most important thing is for your child to be consistent when wearing them. If you have a hard time getting your child to wear their eye patch or glasses, consider offering them incentives— the more excited they are to wear them, the easier it will be.


If your child has tried both an eye patch and glasses to help with their amblyopia but it hasn’t gotten better, then Dr. Steve Thom may recommend surgery. During surgery, the muscles in the eye will be strengthened and corrected to help restore the functionality.

Treating amblyopia is fairly easy. If you would like to learn more about amblyopia or how it can be treated, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today!



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