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June is cataract awareness month

June is Cataract Awareness Month, and during the month of June, eye care specialists such as Dr. Steve Thom at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic provide patients information regarding this and other eye conditions that may impact them as they age.

Cataracts are actually the leading cause of vision loss among adult individuals in the United State. It is also the leading cause of blindness around the world! This condition robs patients of their sight and can greatly impact their daily quality of life. Cataracts cause clouding that impacts the clarity of one’s vision. This clouding can be minor or severe, depending on the stage at which the cataracts have reached. With early interventions, patients can often delay the need for cataract surgery. However, if the condition is making it impossible for a patient to see to drive, read, or perform other important daily tasks, Dr. Steve Thom may encourage patients to consider the benefits of cataract surgery.

What treatments are available for patients who have been diagnosed with cataracts?

During a comprehensive examination at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, patients who have been diagnosed with cataracts will want to speak to their ophthalmologist about their options. Early stage cataracts are often just a minor nuisance, and patients can use eyeglasses, special visual aids, or unique lighting to help them perform usual tasks. However, progressive formation of cataracts will require surgery. During surgery, the clouded lens is replaced with an IOL, or intraocular lens, which will eliminate the clouding and in turn, provide clearer vision. This is a routine eye surgery that is performed to treat cataracts and restore a patient’s vision—and independence!

Learn more about cataracts today!

Dr. Steve Thom is an ophthalmologist in the area of Fargo, ND who wants to educate patients on what to expect with their vision as they age. If you are concerned that you may be developing cataracts, we encourage you to book an appointment with our staff by calling (701) 235-5200. Our team can offer a complete, comprehensive eye examination to determine if cataracts are forming and require the assistance of a professional. We are conveniently located at 2601 University Drive S.

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