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Keeping Your Eyes Healthy This Winter

Eye Care Services Fargo NDWhen it comes to seasons, winter is probably one of the harshest all around. The cold, dry air dries out our skin, turns our noses red, and the chances of getting sick go up dramatically. Our eyes even take a blow during winter. The cold, dry air can dry out our eyes, especially if we wear contact lenses. Winter brings more than cold, though! Keep reading to learn how to protect your eye health this winter.

Dry Eyes During Winter

Even though the air outside is cold and dry, the air indoors might be even more harsh. Artificial heat can dry out the little moisture that’s left in the air, which can then lead to irritation or dry eyes. Consider investing in a humidifier to help replenish some of the moisture in the air. Your eyes will thank you.

Bundle up when you go outside. It not only will keep you warm in the chilly elements, but hats and hoods can help protect your eyes from cold blasts of wind, dust or other irritating attacks.

Winter Parties

Don’t forget to keep your eye health in mind when you’re getting ready for holiday parties. If your friend wants to borrow mascara or other eye makeup, find a nice way to say no. Germs can be spread so easily, and you don’t want pink eye or another eye issue this holiday season.


Though there’s less overall sunlight in the winter, it’s still important to protect your eyes from UV damage. Wearing sunglasses while you’re out snowshoeing or skiing can help you see better and keep your eyes safe. Sunlight reflected off of the snow’s surface can lead to sunburned eyes, so pack sunglasses or goggles with UV protection.

Start the New Year Right

If it’s been a while since you’ve had an eye exam, the beginning of the year is a great time to check in with your eye health. Start the new year right and come in for your annual exam.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to keep your eyes healthy this winter, contact us at (701) 235-5200 to schedule a consultation.

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