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What to Know About Your Eye Makeup

eye makeupAs a woman, you know that you can easily transform your entire face by simply wearing eye makeup alone. By giving your eyes the ability to “pop” you can help to stand out from the crowd with the simple application of eyeliner, mascara, and even some simply eye shadows. However, did you know that if you are using old or damaged makeup that you could actually cause yourself eye infections or diseases? Before you go to apply eye makeup on yourself the next time, make sure that you are looking for the following things.

Old Mascara
When was the last time you replaced your mascara? If you can’t remember, then it’s time to chuck it out and get a new one. In fact, you should be replacing your mascara every 3-4 months on average. Remember that as soon as you use your mascara wand to apply mascara to your eyelashes, bacteria will start to grow and harbor themselves on your mascara wand. In order to protect your eyes against things like staph infections, pink eye, and stys, it’s important that you replace your mascara frequently.

Dried Out Eyeliner
Whether you use liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, a pencil, or even a crayon, make sure that you are keeping a watchful eye out in regards to how dry it is getting. Dried eyeliner is one of the biggest indicators that it is simply too old and that it needs to be thrown away. Additionally, the drier your eyeliner is, the more likely it is to break off and fall into your eye during application.

Old Eye shadow
Just like mascara, old eye shadows can harbor a massive amount of bacteria that can be detrimental to your eye health. If you can’t even remember the last time that you replaced your eye shadow, then it’s time to chuck it out and get some new ones. Unlike mascara that needs to be replaced every few months, you can actually keep your eye shadow for around 2 years on average.

Taking good care of your eyes starts with making sure that you are getting rid of your old eye makeup. To learn more about proper eye health, contact Dr. Steve Thom’s office today.

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