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Know More About Ptosis Treatment

Eye ExamPtosis, commonly known as lazy eye, can be treated. Ptosis is an eye condition that usually occurs in children. Don’t let your child suffer from interrupted vision or bullying at school due to ptosis. Have your child’s eyes checked by your trusted eye doctor and be aware of your treatment options.

Treating your child the traditional way

Congenital ptosis can be treated by shortening and strengthening the levator muscles, depending on the extent of the ptosis and the patient’s levator function. In the case of acquired or age-related ptosis, the patient’s levator muscle can be reattached into its proper place or slightly shortened to correct the position of the eyelid. In case the levator function is poor, the patient’s eyelid may be lifted with the use of a frontalis suspension sling. This device will connect the frontalis muscled into the eyelid. Through the use of this technique, the eyelid margin can be lifted.

No need for surgery

There are certain cases where surgery isn’t necessary. In the case of spastic ptosis where the patient shows uncontrolled eye blinking, there is usually no need for surgery. In this condition, the orbicularis oculi, the eyelid’s closing muscle, is stuck in overdrive. A solution to such cases would be the botulinum toxin type A or Botox injections. These injections will allow the muscle to relax.

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