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Let’s Talk about Intraocular Lenses

Cataract Surgery Visual clarity is important to your general sense of wellness. If you have cataracts, you have learned this. While this eye condition is typically not considered serious in terms of its potential for blindness, most people with cataracts eventually reach a point where removal becomes necessary in order to restore better vision. One of the crucial elements of cataract removal surgery is the replacement lens, or IOL. Because there are numerous options available, we are careful to spend sufficient time exploring the advantages and disadvantages of those that may meet each patient’s needs.

Points to Consider

An interesting theory about intraocular lenses is that the success of the selected lens is largely in the patient’s hands. For instance, if you are acutely aware of imperfections in your visual acuity, you may have a more difficult time getting used to your new way of seeing. Many patients today find their ideal solution in the new forms of multifocal lenses, which facilitate near and distance vision similar to the natural eye. However, the crispness of vision at varying distances may not be consistent in every circumstance. For this reason, other options may need to be explored by patients who have only mild visual disturbance, such as presbyopia or myopia.

While any intraocular lens is different from what you were born with, there seems to be a greater likelihood of distortions such as glare or halos when natural lenses are replaced with multifocal IOLs. The distortion is typically not so significant that it stands in the way of night driving.

Who is a Good Candidate for Multifocal IOLs?

Believe it or not, it is a personality-type that has been shown to acclimate better to multifocal intraocular lenses. Specifically, patients with an easy-going nature and good general health who want to preserve as much visual acuity as they can without a heavy reliance on eyeglasses are those that attain the greatest success from this treatment.

When considering options for intraocular lenses after cataract removal surgery, it is important to consider the tradeoff. While multifocal lenses may have a small degree of distortion, this may be balanced out by a decreased need to wear eyeglasses. It comes down to a personal choice for each person.

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