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What Makes Your Child Cross-Eyed?

Pediatric Eye CareStrabismus is an eye condition characterized by the failure of both eyes to maintain correct alignment and function harmoniously. This is often a congenital condition, which means that children may already have it the moment they are born. Eye problems such as this are one of the reasons why it is essential to have your child’s eyes checked as early as possible. More importantly, there is no way a child can outgrow strabismus, so it is best to seek appropriate care right away.

What causes strabismus in a child?

Knowing the anatomy of your eyes

Our eyes consist of six external muscles. These muscles, known as extraocular muscles, control the position of the eyes and their movement. Normally, the eyes’ position, binocular vision, functioning, and neurological control should be in perfect coordination to achieve optimal vision.

The culprits of strabismus

The cause of strabismus can be actually traced to neurological or anatomical roots. Such problems could possibly affect the control and functioning of the extraocular muscles. This means that strabismus may occur from the dysfunction of the muscles themselves, or in the vision centers or the nerves in the brain that are responsible for controlling binocular vision.

On the other hand, genetics can also cause the problem. There is a great risk for a child to acquire strabismus if either of the child’s parents have it.

Pediatric eye care in Fargo

Have your child’s eyes checked as soon as possible. Dr. Thom specializes in pediatric eye care in Fargo, ND and can help your child achieve optimal vision. Call us today at 701-235-5200 to schedule an appointment.

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