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Misconceptions About Colored Contacts

Eye Exams Fargo NDWhether you’re a cat, vampire, zombie, or virtually anything else that requires a transformative look this Halloween, you may be interested in wearing colored contacts. By not only changing the color but the shape of your iris as well, colored contacts can bring your costume to a whole new level. However, there are a lot of common misconceptions about these fun costume lenses that you may not be aware of.

You Don’t Need a Prescription

It’s fairly easy to hop online and order colored contact lenses from an online retailer based out of another country. One thing that many people are unaware of, however, is that unless you have a prescription, it’s illegal to buy colored contacts in the United States. Remember to never buy colored contacts from a retailer who does not ask for a prescription.

You Don’t Need An Eye Examination

Even if your vision is near perfect, you still need a professional eye examination from a doctor like Steve Thom before you can get colored contact lenses. Lenses that fit improperly can scratch or tear your cornea resulting in a potential eye infection. Additionally, improperly fitted lenses can also cause blood vessels to grow into the cornea.

You Can Share Them

Even though this concept may be going against everything you learned when you were three years old, sharing your contact lenses isn’t caring. What may seem like a great way to save some money over Halloween can cause a bacterial infection or other eye problems.

You Can Buy Them Online

This is half true and half false. You can buy colored contacts online, but many online retailers don’t ask for a prescription. Make sure that if you do buy them online, that they ask for a valid prescription.

Nothing is quite as scary this time of year as colored contact lenses without a prescription or eye exam. Schedule your contact lens eye examination with Dr. Steve Thom today!

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