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Why You Need Regular Eye Exams

shutterstock_64608115The eyes are a vital part of our body. Although we do not have any vision abnormalities just yet, getting your eyes checked by a professional is as important as getting a regular medical checkup. Keep in mind that some conditions may be initially asymptomatic and diseases can happen when you least expect them. Hence, we recommend our patients to have regular eye exams with Fargo eye doctor Dr. Thom.

Importance of Eye Exams

Regardless of your age and your overall health, routine eye examinations are important. During this time, Dr. Thom will examine your eyes, including any signs of common eye problems and how both your eyes are working as a team. Dr. Thom will also evaluate your overall health based on the result of your eye exam. In fact, eye doctors are usually the first healthcare providers to detect particular chronic systemic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Eye and Vision Tests to Expect

During your comprehensive eye examination, Dr. Thom can perform a number of tests that fully evaluate your eyes as well as your vision. Such eye tests include:

  • Visual acuity tests. One of the first tests performed during an eye exam, these tests measure the sharpness of one’s vision. It makes use of an eye chart to measure your distance visual acuity. Near vision is also checked using a small, handy acuity chart.
  • Color blindness test. To rule out the possibility of color blindness, a screening test is done to check your color vision.
  • Cover test. This could be the simplest, most common test performed by your eye doctor to check for the misalignment of your eyes.

A general eye exam is a necessity if you care about your health and your vision. Call us today at 701-235-5200 to request a consultation with Dr. Thom and undergo a general eye exam in Fargo, ND. We’d love to hear from you!

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