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Night Driving: Staying Safe

Eye Exam Fargo NDThough our eyes are constantly changing and aging with us, many people notice their eyes when they start having trouble reading a menu. In a dim restaurant, reading the menus may start to become challenging, signaling a need for reading glasses.

If you need reading glasses, it may also be time to talk about driving glasses. Driving at night, particularly, is one of those issues that creeps up on us when we least expect it. You may suddenly find yourself less confident while driving home from dinner or a party.

Night Driving and Age

As we age, we have greater difficulty seeing at night. Our pupils don’t expand as wide anymore, and that means that we need more light to see. To see as clearly as we used to, we need more light. Driving just adds to the problem, because now we’re moving and trying to see in the dark.

Non-Glare Glasses

Anti-glare coatings on your glasses are highly recommended if you wear your glasses every day, or often enough that chances are decent that you will drive in them. The anti-glare coating can be added to new lenses when you update your glasses prescription, and can be placed in your same frames. This anti-glare coating simply helps manage light, keeping it from becoming distracting.


Make sure to double-check your habits when you drive at night. If you’re less confident driving at night, make sure you give yourself more room between cars, and slow down if you ever feel like you’re driving “past your headlights.”

That extra caution can help keep you and other drivers safe. So, keep your eyes moving and make sure you’re aware of all of your surroundings. Check your mirrors and watch the side of the road for animals that may run across. Basic defensive driving skills are good to practice all the time, but they become more crucial at night, when your senses are limited. If you still don’t feel confident driving, it might be time to limit the times you drive at night.

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