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How Not to Clean your Glasses

Life is busy. Not only do you have to worry about work deadlines, your kid’s soccer games, and your financial budget, but you also have to worry about the small things like grocery shopping, cleaning your house, and yes, even cleaning your glasses. And, when you are busy running around all day long, it’s easy to do some of these things wrong. If you have caught yourself cleaning your glasses with a paper towel, your spit, or dirty hands, you certainly aren’t alone. However, these methods of “cleaning” could damage your lenses. Read on to learn how not to clean your glasses the next time you are in a rut.

Paper Towel

When you’re out and about on a busy day, one of the easiest things to clean your glasses with may be a paper towel. And although you may think that since a paper towel is soft, it’s going to be safe on your lenses, it can scratch them and cause permanent damage. Instead of using a paper towel, consider using the bottom of your shirt.


Okay, so cleaning your glasses with your spit isn’t going to cause permanent damage but it’s likely not going to do you any good either. Your saliva— no matter how clean you think your mouth is—  is filled with bacteria which can spread across your lenses and leave them streaky. Additionally, it’s just plain gross to do. Instead of using your spit, go to the nearest restroom and use some soap and warm water to clean your lenses— this will leave you without streaks and germs.

Dirty Hands

Depending on the type of work you do, your hands may be dirtier than most but either way, it’s fair to say that you probably aren’t washing your hands as much as you should be. Dirty hands that have dirt, germs, and bacteria on them can scratch your lenses if you’re not careful. If you can, try to wash your hands with soap and warm water before you touch your lenses. If you are unable to head to the bathroom, try cleaning them with an antibacterial gel or lotion.

You may not realize just how easily your lenses can scratch. However, by avoiding the things listed above, you can make sure your lenses last longer. To learn more, contact Dr. Steve Thom to schedule an appointment.

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