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Not a Dry Eye In the House: Can Prescriptions Treat Dry Eye?

Eye Care Services Fargo NDIf, “There wasn’t one dry eye in the house,” is a statement that you makes you feel like you will never be a part of, you may suffer from a condition called the dry eye. As a disorder that is caused when there aren’t enough tears to keep the eye properly lubricated or when the quality of tears is low, dry eye is often considered to be a chronic problem.

One of the most frustrating components of dry eye is that it can affect almost anybody at any time. According to The American Optometric Association, dry eye can be caused by a variety of different reasons including medications, medical conditions, age, gender, environmental conditions, and other issues.

During your initial consultation and examination with Dr. Steve Thom, he will create a treatment plan to treat your dry eye. Treatments typically include adding tears, conserving tears, increasing production of tears, and even prescriptions.

How Are Prescriptions Used?

Prescription eye drops are typically used to treat patients who suffer from chronic dry eye to help decrease inflammation around the eye or to help aid in teardrop production. In conjunction with using prescription eye drops, Dr. Thom may also encourage you to try at-home treatments like applying a warm compress, massaging the lids, or using eyelid cleaners to help further decrease the inflammation.

Remember to carefully follow the instructions on the label and only discontinue use if you are suffering from an allergic reaction or any other issues.

Having chronic dry eye can make you feel like you’ll never have the tears to cry again. Luckily, with the help of Dr. Steve Thom, you can lubricate your eyes and feel more comfortable in the process. Schedule your dry eye consultation with our Fargo office today!

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