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Patient Testimonials

At Thom Eye & Laser Clinic, we offer the highest in quality eye care services in the region, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at what our patients are saying!

Kenneth A.

“As a patient, I found the staff at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic office to be very professional and on top of my care and patients needs. The surgery was a very good experience because of how well the staff prepared me for it and the care was outstanding, I felt I was safe and confident in my surgery and recovery. Thank you all for taking care of me.”

-Kenneth A.

Geobett S.

Thank you for the gift of clear sight! As I am sure you have heard frequently, THE COLORS! I did not know what I was missing!
Thank you!

-Geobett S.

Arnie F.

“A wonderful THANK YOU to your staff and especially to you for the successful cataract surgery! It was a smooth and fairly comfortable operation. Your expertise has resulted in my eyesight improving greatly. A recent eye exam confirms my eyes are fine. Again, Thank you!”

– Arnie F.

Raymond H.

“To say I am happy with the results of your removing my cataracts would be an understatement. But what I really appreciated the most was your sincere interest and concern about my shooting and how my new eyes may affect me in the future. The extra time you gave to me made my Norwegian heart sing! ”

– Raymond H.

Ron M.

“Dr Steven Thom and his staff rate a 10+ out of 10 for cataract surgical care.

As an active senior, I followed Dr Thom’s advice to have the “Technis Symfony Multifocal lens”. This lens gives you great medium and distance vision. I could not be happier and my pickleball game is great!
I highly recommend Dr Thom and staff at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic.”

– Ron M.

Joseph V.

“The staff were top class and know their jobs, they do all the right things to make you comfortable.”

– Joseph V.

Diane W.

“Thank you so much! I will be recommending Dr Thom to everyone as they need surgeries. Dr Thom was extremely pleasant and answered my questions. The world is brighter instead of yellow!”

– Diane W.

Loren M.

“I share my positive experience with Dr Thom and Staff in any conversation regarding eye care and quickly recommend his office. My main response in my healthcare visit is to have comfort, trust, confidence and dialogue
with care and treatment. I have that here.”

– Loren M.

Donald O.

“Each employee was very outgoing and made me feel very relaxed. Each employee worked as a team member and knew their job very well.”

– Donald O.

Bill Bosch

“Facility and staff professional and friendly. I was treated with respect and felt welcome from start to finish.”

– Bill Bosch

Holly Beighley

“At the age of 50 I was shocked to learn that I had cataracts, and that I would need surgery right away to take care of it. I was referred to Dr. Thom by my regular optometrist, and she scheduled my appointment. Dr. Thom is very personable and treated me with respect. He gave me the options for my visual needs, and I decided on the Tecnio Multifocal Lens, allowing me to see both distance and near without the need for glasses or contacts. I am so very happy with my decision! I wake up in the morning and can see everything clearly. I can read clearly without the use of readers. I can’t say enough about Dr. Thom and his staff. They are amazing! I would recommend them to anyone!”

– Holly Beighley

Kristie Fredrickson

“Staff friendly and personable Doctor patiently took time to discuss the visit Excellent care Timely Scheduling Very satisfied and I’ve already been referring people”

– Kristie Fredrickson

Carolyn Kohler

“Everyone was pleasant and were glad to answer any questions I had. They all made me feel comfortable.”

– Carolyn Kohler

Kathy Nelson

“I want to thank everyone for the great care and gift of eyesight. I am truly grateful and it is awesome!”

– Kathy Nelson

Jack Donelan

“I never felt for a moment that everyone involved was not open, honest, and positively oriented to doing the best they could do. I was comfortable with the entire staff involved in my procedure. My results prove to me that success was the target, and nobody missed.”

– Jack Donelan

Rita Bernath

“Dr. Thom was very professional, yet kind and understanding. He explained everything very well, even using models for a clearer explanation. My experience was great!”

– Rita Bernath

Lee Nordrum

“Dr. Thom’s skill as a cataract surgeon is extraordinary. I now have 20/20 distant vision and I can read everything but the smallest print without glasses. Everything is brighter and colors are richer. The images on my computer and television screens are sharp and the colors are brilliant. Dr. Thom and his surgical team were outstanding. The process was painless and the results magnificent.”

– Lee Nordrum

Michael Radniecki

“I was apprehensive of the surgery, but after having one eye done, I was completely comfortable going back a week later to have the other eye done! Thank you for making me feel comfortable!”

– Michael Radniecki

Linda Sailer

“It seemed so new, expensive, and unknown. After listening to Dr. Thom’s staff, giving clarity to the choices, I was confident my cataract surgery would include the newly developed Symphony Lens. It felt like a sound investment in my eyes and a great return. Surgery for each eye was flawless and the results were no less than WOW!!! It’s been over a month since my last surgery and still get excited when I “don’t” have to find any cheater glasses. My vision is no lens than Fantastic. My husband will be encouraged to so the same. I would highly recommend to anyone having cataract surgery to invest in yourself and do the Symphony Lens. Hopefully, someday in the future medicare will consider this as an investment as well.”

– Linda Sailer

Larry Vigen

“Dr. Thom recently performed cataract surgery on both of my eyes. I couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment I received from him, the staff at his office, the staff at the Center for Special Surgery, and the outcome. I am now seeing clearly, without glasses, for the first time since I was 13. From the day I arrived at Dr. Thom’s office, I’ve been treated with the utmost kindness, consideration, and professionalism. Dr. Thom placed a special lens in my left eye to correct for astigmatism, and a regular lens in my right eye. He was extremely vigilant with his post-surgical examinations. Using the eye-drops was easy, thanks to the clear charts he and his staff provided. Dr. Thom and his associates made the process of surgery a straight-forward, simple, and even positive experience. I remarked to him jokingly that I’m sorry I don’t have a third eye he can operate on!”

– Larry Vigen

Donald Paul

“Dr. Thom, just a short note to let you know how pleased I am with the outcome of the Cataract Surgery performed by you. I can’t believe all the small things I see that I haven’t noticed before and how clear and crisp everything looks. I can now read the captions on T.V. they were so fuzzy before, and the computer use is so much better. I only hope that more people have and take the opportunity to have cataract surgery. Thank you and your office once again for giving me the way to view the world again in a clearer way.”

– Donald Paul

Dolores McClernon

“It seems miracles never cease. I had Cataract Surgery on both eyes. I’ve been near sighted all of my life. Seeing at a long distance was not real good even with glasses.
So to find after surgery that I had 20/20 vision was really a miracle to me. My long distance was excellent and I need correction for reading and close vision. It’s a complete change for me as I’ve had glasses since 1st grade for near sightedness. I can see at night when I do not have my glasses on. I can see stars out the window! Surgery is not that bad either. Local anesthetic and eye drops to stop infection and aid healing.”

– Dolores McClernon

Floyd Emerson

“Choosing Thom Eye and Laser Clinic for my cataract and implant surgery was a rewarding experience. It increased my vision immensely. Dr. Steven Thom and his staff are very PROFESSIONAL and CARING.”

– Floyd Emerson

Gerry Floden

“Two years ago I was diagnosed by Dr. Thom that I would need Cataract Surgery as it was progressing. I was having trouble seeing in low light conditions and there were “Rainbows” around night lights and the moon. I elected to go with the Crystalens because of the possibility of being able to focus up close without glasses. The operation was a huge success as now after one month I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and can easily read newspapers and my PDA without glasses! To me it was well worth the extra money!”

– Gerry Floden

Sara Smith

“From the moment I was informed it was time for Cataract Surgery (I had been checking in every 6 months with Dr. Thom) everything fell into place. Dr. Thom’s assistant Sherri walked me through the process of administrating the eye drop after surgery. It was quite simple with the chart they gave me. The morning of the surgery I was greeted by a smiling nurse who administered eye drops (pre-surgery) about every 15 minutes until I was ready for surgery. (The purpose for the drops will be explained). I was in good hands and was treated with courtesy, respect, concern and smiles for the whole operating staff. A full explanation of the surgery was given which took about ½ hour. There was no pain and I was wheeled out to the recovery area where I was served coffee and toast. I can honestly say my experience with the staff in Dr. Thom’s office and in the operating room was a personally gratifying experience. No one should have doubt about choosing Dr. Thom and the Eye and Laser Clinic for any eye condition.”

– Sara Smith

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