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Pediatric eye care available in Fargo, ND

Pediatric eye careYour child’s needs are of utmost importance, and it is more important than ever to ensure your child sees an ophthalmologist on a regular basis to screen for potential eye conditions and to address vision issues as soon as they occur. With Dr. Steve Thom at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic, parents can have their child seen by a professional who offers pediatric eye care solutions.

What is pediatric eye care?

Pediatric eye care is a proactive approach to a child’s vision and eye health. Just like visiting the dentist on a regular basis, or seeing the pediatrician for routine checkups, visiting an ophthalmologist on a routine schedule should also be on a parent’s “to-do” list for their child’s health and wellness. Dr. Steve Thom works with children to provide vision screenings and to evaluate for common childhood vision issues that can develop. This includes:

  • Ptosis
  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus

In addition, he can diagnose children with conditions such as pink eye (conjunctivitis) which can cause redness, irritation, and crusting of one or both eyes. This condition is extremely contagious and can be treated with the use of prescription eye drops. This is a common condition that impacts children in daycare or school because of the way it is spread.

What if I have a specific concern for my child’s eyes or sight?

While routine screenings and vision testing are highly recommended for children AND adults, they may not catch problems early enough for successful intervention. Children who have concerns that are impacting their eyes can schedule an appointment with our staff to discuss their needs. Some conditions can be easily treated when caught early, before they become more serious problems. Our doctor can evaluate the child, provide a proper diagnosis, and discuss treatment options that can resolve the situation.

Connect with Dr. Steve Thom today

If you live in the area of Fargo, ND and are interested in learning more about pediatric eye care solutions, our team of professionals at Thom Eye and Laser Clinic are here to help. Call today at (701) 235-5200 and schedule an appointment for your child at our facility, conveniently located at 2601 University Dr. S.

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