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How to Properly Remove Something from Your Eye

eye careGetting something caught in your eye can sting, burn, and just be overall uncomfortable. Dust, dirt, eyelashes, and gunk can all get caught in your eye and can make even blinking to be painful. And although you might quickly take your dirty finger and use it to get the particles out of your eye, you may actually be causing your eye more harm than good. Read on to learn more about how to properly remove something from your eye.

Warm, Damp Wash Cloth
The best way to get something out of your eye is with a warm, damp washcloth. Simply take a clean, warm, and damp wash cloth and lay it over your closed eye. The warm water will help your eye to water which will then help it to naturally excrete whatever is trapped in your eye. Just make sure that you are patient enough because it may take several minutes for your eye to actually excrete whatever is lodged in it.

Flush It
Another way you can properly get something out of your eye is by flushing it with warm water. You have two options when it comes to flushing your eye out: An eyedropper or your hand.

  • Eyedropper: With this method, you take an eyedropper and fill it with clean, warm water. Then you simply squirt the water directly into your eye which will help to flush it out.
  • Your Hand: With this method, you take two clean hands and cup them together to make a bowl. You then fill them with warm water and place your eye directly into the warm water and blink— this will also help to flush them out.

Clean Hands
If you absolutely have to remove the dust, dirt, or eyelash from your eye using your hands, make sure that you have cleaned them properly— and not just with hand sanitizer because it will burn your eyes. Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and antibacterial hand soap, and then rinse your hands for a long time in order to get any soap residue off. Then take one hand in order to hold open your eye and take your index finger on your other hand in order to take the object out of your eye— avoiding a swiping motion which may scratch your lens.

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